Our assessment and audit services are designed to identify and assess the underlying issues that truly impact the organizational effectiveness and performance, employee experience, and consumer perspective.

We acknowledge that each organization has its own set of unique characteristics, priorities, and concerns. Assessments are thoughtfully created to reflect organizational aims in survey form through a secure online environment where identifiable information remains anonymous.

Our assessments are designed to enable organizations to identify a baseline of the existing workplace culture, work-life issues, how unconscious attitudes impact behavior, and how issues of equity impact employees. These tools further allow organizations to assess not just how, but why employees feel the way they do about their jobs.

Conformity assessment is an important part of the organization’s quality infrastructure. By providing confidence in goods, services, management systems and people, this make a significant contribution to the economy, health and safety, and environment. It can be applied to a product (which, for these purposes includes a service), a process, a system, a body or persons and includes activities such as testing, inspection and certification.

We have successfully conducted these assessments with dozens of organizations and thousands of employees consistently demonstrating respect for participants and a commitment to safeguarding confidential information. In recognizing the immense value of each participant’s perspective we can develop a comprehensive and inclusive lens for future growth where assessments are relevant, relatable, and yield actionable data.

- Our Strategy